Passive Equipment Products



All kinds of fiber optic adaptors for SM and MM optic fibers, with an insertion loss of less than 0.15dB.
We have SC,ST,LC - Simplex/duplex, FC/MTRJ/E2000 and hybrid adaptors.
All products are RoHS compliant.


All kinds of fiber optic patch cords for SM & MM optic fibers, with insertion loss lower than 0.3dB for SM optic fibers and 0.5dB for MM optic fibers.

The patch cords are available with all kinds of connectors:
  FC,SC,ST,LC,MTRJ,E2000, and in different lengths: 2,3,5,10,20 meter.

All products are RoHS compliant.


Tactic Cables
Custom made Tactic cables in different lengths and a variety of end connectors.


Pigtails sets
12 fiber optic pigtails sets for SM and MM optic fibers.
All kinds of end connectors are available: FC,SC,ST,LC.
The pigtails are 1.5 meters in length and have a 900um coating.
All pigtails are RoHS compliant.


Pigtails bundles
12 fiber optic pigtails bundles for SM and MM optic fibers, with a 1.6/2/3mm coating. All products are RoHS compliant.


Attenuators for 1310/1550nm wavelength and with attenuation values of 0-30dB.
The attenuators precision is ±0.5dB for attenuation values lower than 10dB and 1dB for greater than 10dB.
The attenuators have PDL lower than 0.1dB and return loss of 40dB.


Variable Optical Attenuator
The FOD Variable Optical Attenuators are designed for single mode application at 1310 and 1550 nm or multimode application at 850 and 1300 nm.
They allow variable attenuation settings in range from 0 to 80 dB with resolution 0.05 dB


0dB Attenuator
A 0dB attenuator which uses for protection of sensitive devices input/output connectors’ such as OTDR, amplifiers and more.
The attenuator connects to the input/output connector of the device, and replaces it as the new input/output connector.
Connecting or disconnecting any connector from the sensitive device will be done through the attenuator.
If some damage occurs, it will harm the attenuator and preserve the original connector.


Fiber optic couplers for wavelength of 1310/1550 nm with a low excess loss of 0.08dB and PDL lower than 0.1dB.
The couplers are available in one of 32 different coupling rations.
Optic fiber length is 1 meter if not requested otherwise.


Fiber optic Isolators for different wavelengths and with different Isolations. The length and coating of the fiber optics is custom made.


Fiber optic Circulators for different wavelengths.
The length and coating of the fiber optics is custom made.


Special fibers
Sumitomo offers a wide range of specialty fibers for high-speed transmission systems:
   PMF optic fibers for 630-1550nm and with low attenuation,
   DCF optic fibers for DWDM applications,
   EDF optic fibers for DWDM operation for L-band/C-band use and other specialty optic fibers.