ST-M1, SDH STM-1 Multiplexer

Optical Aggragate Interface The two optical interfaces are of the STM-1 data rate and compliant with Rec. G.957 and G.958.
Data Rate: 155.520 Mbit/s + 20ppm
Source: MLM LD
Minimum Output: 12 ~ -8 dBm
(Other power budget are available depending upon request.)
Wavelength: 1310 + 30nm (1550nm optional)
Line Code: Scrambled NRZ
Fiber Type: single mode
Detector Type: PIN-FET
Minimum Sensitivity: 34 ~ -30 dBm
Min. Extinction Ratio: 10 dB
System Gain: 21/28 dB (short haul/long haul)
Tributary Interface The tributary interface complies with the ITU-T Rec. 703.
  • E1 tributaries: 8/16/21 channels/ per unit
  • Data Rate: 2.048 Mbit/s + 50ppm
  • Line Code: HDB3 (G.703)
  • Line Impedance: 75/120 ohms (G.703)
  • Jitter performance: ITU-T G.823
ST-M1 Plus mode
  • E1 tributaries
  • Data Rate 2.048 Mbit/s + 50ppm
  • Line Code HDB3 (G.703)
  • Line Impedance 75/120 ohms (G.703)
  • Jitter performance ITU-T G.823
  • E3 tributaries
  • Data Rate 34,368Kbit/sA±20ppm (G.703)
  • Line Code HDB3 (G.703)
  • Line Impedance 75ohms(G.703)
  • T1 tributaries
  • Data Rate 1.544 Mbit/s + 50ppm
  • Line Code B8ZS/AMI field selectable
  • Line Impedance 100 ohms
  • T3 tributaries
  • Data Rate 44,736Kbit/sA±20ppm (G.703)
  • Line Code B3ZS (G.703)
  • Line Impedance 75ohms (G.703)
  • Capacity
Models provided are as follows:
63/42/21/16/8 E1 channels per unit
4/8/16/21E1 and 1/2/3 E3/T3 channels per unit
22 E1 and 20 T1 channels per unit
6 E1 and 2 T1 channels per unit
Operations Interfaces The operation interfaces mostly follows the requirements in ITU-T Rec. G.773. However, the application layer message is proprietary. The management operation complies with the requirements in ITU-T G.784.
OSS interface: LAN
Local craft interface: V.28, 38400 bit/s
NE/NE interface: DCC, G.773, QB1
Discrete Control & Alarm
Environmental monitor/external control/office alarms interface: 1) 8 environmental monitor I/P, Ri=2K, Vff=2V optical coupling
(2) 4 external control O/P, 300Vac, 0.5A solid-state relay
(3) 4 office alarms (audible MJ/MN, visual MJ/MN) control O/P, 300Vac, 0.5A solid-state relay
Note: The user have the alternative of item (2) or (3) above.
Timing Source Input & Output Input: 2.048 MHz
Square Wave: 2.048 MHz data (75/120 Ohms)
Output: 2.048 Mb/s, framed all one
Mechanical Box Size
  • 1U (ST-M1) : Height 43mm (1.69 inches); Width 438mm (17.24 inches); Depth 244mm (9.6 inches)
  • 1.5U (ST-M1 Plus) : Height 64.5mm (2.54 inches); Width 438mm (17.24 inches); Depth 244mm (9.6 inches)
Interfaces (connector) STM-1: FC/PC
E1/T1: DB-37
E3/T3: BNC
LAN: RJ-45
Order wire Interface: RJ-11
Timing I/O & User Byte I/O: DB-9
Environment Alarm: DB-9
Office Alarm / External Control: DB-9
Power: Screw lug
Operating Environment Temperature Range: 10oC ~ 65oC
Humidity up to 95% without condensation
Power Requirement Input Voltage: AC:110V~220V ; DC:-42V~-56V
Power Consumption: 35 watt