Splicer Sumitomo T-39


Sumitomo T-39

The T-39 is Sumitomo's new core aligning single fibre splicer. The T-39 was developed and produced under ISO 14001 and Sumitomo's ECO-21/2 program and complies with EU RoHS regulations.

The T-39 includes several new features which improve productivity and splice throughput
  • Two independent heat shrink ovens built onto the splicer body
  • A unique fibre clamping system to ease splicing of curled fibres
  • Auto start of both splicing and heat shrinking of splice protectors
  • New low power electronics extend the available working time on battery power to 200+ splices from a single charge of a BU-66L battery.

    A cleaver support bracket is available to clip neatly on the side of the T-39, providing a convenient and secure location for a Sumitomo FCP-2x or FC-6x cleaver.

    Optional loose tube coating clamps (factory fitted) help splicing of loose buffer secondary coated fibres without the problems often experienced with traditional coating clamps which are designed primarily for primary coated fibres and tight buffer secondary coated fibres.

    The cladding clamps are integrated in the wind hood, removing four steps from the splice process. If badly curled fibres fail to load correctly, the cladding clamps can be disengaged from the wind hood and operated independently to help correct fibre positioning.

Applications: The monitor swings through 180° to give maximum flexibility of positioning the splicer at the work station.