The palmOTDR is a small and easy to use device.
It can locate faults in long chains of fiber optic cables and measure fiber optic distance.

The palmOTDR has two measuring modes:
  Real time and Averaging.
   The device has a Dual-way powering system including a charged battery and a power adapter.
  The battery can hold up to 5 hours of use.
  The palmOTDR can measure both SM and MM fiber optics
Reference fiber
OTDR Reference fiber for calibrating the OTDR and for tracking events in the dead zone and in the event zone
Power meter
We supply with 5 different models of fiber optic power meters which covers a wide wavelength band of 633-1625nm and a measure range of -70dBm - +27dBm.
The devices are damp, dust and shock proof, and are ideal for both outdoor and laboratory measurments.
The device has a Dual-way powering system including a 9V battery and a power adapter.
In addition, the devices have a data storage space of 3200 records, which can be transferred to a PC using a RS-232 cable
Stabilized laser source
Fiber optic laser transmitter in a wide wavelength range.
The device is damp, dust and shock protected, and is ideal for both outdoor and laboratory measurements.
3 models are available: single/double/triple wavelength.
The device has a Dual-way powering system including a 9V battery and a power adapter.
The battery can hold up to 20 hours of use
Optical return loss tester
A series of 4 devices which are designed to measure return loss in optic fibers,connectors,CATV equipment and fiber optic systems which are return loss sensitive.
The used wavelength is either 1310/1550 or 1550/1625.

In addition, the device can be used as a power meter in 6 different wavelengths:
   850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625 and in different measure range.
   The ORL-20 can be used with both SM and MM optic fiber
Optical fiber identifier
A device for monitoring live optic fibers in multi-fiber optic systems.
The device locks on an optic fibers with coatings of up to 3 mm using a clamp, and makes a non-destructive macro-bend in the optic fiber.
If there is a signal in the optic fiber, a digital indicator shows the direction and frequency of the signal in the optic fiber
Optical loss tester
A combined stabilized laser source and sensitive power meter device.
The laser has two wavelengths:
1310/1550 nm or 850/1300 nm and two output powers:
-7dBm and -3dBm.The power meter has a wide measure range of 80dB is available in 3 different ranges
Multu-wavelength laser source
A unique device which includes high power and stabilized laser source in a variety of wavelengths, and can be used with SM and MM optic fibers.

It has up to 5 different wavelengths:
  650/850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625 in an output power of -7dBm.
   In addition, a visible laser source for finding breaks in a fiber optic network is included
Visiable laser pen
Visible red laser pen for checking the validity of patch cables, looking for cracked fiber in splice cases, bad connectors and tight bends in fiber cable.
The VLP has 1.5V battery power supply
Optical-fiber Microscope
The OMS-20 is a Portable set microscope with a charger and rechargeable batteries.
It allows the user to inspect connectors and adaptors in any fiber optic network and check for defects and dirt.
It has x260 Zoom and a wide LCD screen
Case OPM & SLS
Case for carrying a SLS series laser source and an OPM series power meter.
The case has a special place for carrying extra batteries, different adaptors, RS-232 cables and additional optic equipment.
The case is small and provides maximum protection to the sensitive equipment