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VI-5100 series, VoIP FXS Gateways

Interfaces One 10Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 port for VI-5102 only
Two 10/100Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 ports for VI-5102A/5104A
One DB-9 RS-232 COM port
2/4 RJ-11 Telephone port (FXS)
DC 12V input (Provide external AC100-240Vac input adaptor)
General Features ITU-T H.323 v3 / SIP compliance (optional)
Support H.235 security function (optional)
Automatically Gatekeeper Discovery
Alternate Gatekeeper selection
Provide Peer-to-Peer Mode (Non Gatekeeper needed) selection
Line polarity reversal generation
Provide call progress tone
PPPoE (option)
Behind NAT router or IP sharing device
E.164 Dial Plan
DTMF detection/generation
TFTP/FTP software upgrade
Remote configuration/reset
LED indication for system status
MS-NetMeeting v3.0 compatible
Support Fix IP and DHCP
Support QOS by setting TOS (Type Of Service) parameters of VoIP packet
FAX Support Automatically FAX detection
Group 3 Fax relay at 2.4 aȔ 14.4 kbps
Support T.38 protocol
Audio Feature Codec aȔ G.711 A/u-Law, G.723.1, G.729A, G.729
VAD (Voice Activity Detection) , CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
G.168/165-compliant adaptive echo cancellation
Dynamic Jitter Buffer
Bad Frame Interpolation
Completed voice band signaling support
Generate Caller ID (DTMF or FSK)
Provide Inband or Outband DTMF generation/detection
Provide H.450 services (Hold, Transfer, Forward)
Gain/Attenuation Settings
Provide Progress Tone: Dial tone, busy tone, call-holding tone, 2nd Dial tone and ring-back tone
FXS interface 2-wire loop start
Programmable AC impedance, Feeding voltage, Ring Voltage, Ring Cadence, Loop current and call progress tone
ON-Hook Voltage : 48Vdc
Ring Voltage : 50 V RMS
Loop Current : Constant 23mA
LED indicator for system status TEL1-TEL4: LED indicator for Telephone port status
POWER: Power ON indication
liNK / ACT: Link and Active status
10/100: 10 or 100Base-T status (for VI-5102A/5104A only)
STATUS: registering to Gatekeeper status
READY: operation status
Management Features Two easy ways for system configuration
Console port
Certification For VI-5102: ul, CE, FCC, VCCI, BSMI
For VI-5102A/5104A: CE, FCC, VCCI
Chassis For VI-5102??F
  • Dimension : 165mm(W) x 25mm(H) x 100mm(D)
  • Weight(unit): 0.7 kg
For VI-5102A/5104A??F
  • Dimension: 223mm(W) x 35mm(H) x 152mm(D)
  • Weight (unit): 1.5 kg
  • Voice & Fax over IP via FXS interface
  • ISP/ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
  • Multi-nation enterprise communication
  • SOHO Telephony
  • IP-PBX with office telephony services
  • Telephone /PBX call via IP network
  • FAX over IP (FoIP) device