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VI-5200 series, VoIP FXO Gateways

Interfaces A 10BaseT Ethernet RJ45 port
Asynchronous Console RS-232C DB-9 connector
2/4/6 analog PSTN (FXO) RJ-11 port
General Features ITU-T H.323 v3 / SIP RFC3261compliance
Behind NAT router or IP sharing device
Automatically Gatekeeper Discovery
Provide peer-to-peer mode (Non Gatekeeper needed) selection
Support auto-attendant (Tone or voice greeting)
Line hunting
PSTN Polarity Reversal Detection
4 RJ-11 FXO ports
Provide 2nd dial tone to PSTN
E.164 Common Dial Plan
DTMF Dialing
DTMF detection / generation
TFTP/FTP software upgrade
Remote configuration / reset
LED indication for system status
LAN interface : One RJ-45 connector for 10Base-T
MS-NetMeeting v3.0 compatible
Support Fix IP and DHCP
Provide QOS function with TOS (Type of Services) setting
Provide T.38/FAX and voice Auto-Switching
Audio Features Codec aČ” G.711 A/u-Law, G.723.1, G.729A, G.729
VAD (Voice Activity Detection), CNG (Comfort Noise Generate)
G.168/165-compliant adaptive echo cancellation
Dynamic Jitter Buffer
Bad Frame Interpolation
Up to six FXO analog port
Completed voice band signaling support
Receive Caller ID (DTMF or FSK) from PSTN
Provide Inbound or Outbound DTMF generation/detection between LAN and PSTN interface
Call Transfer (H.450.2)
Call Hold (H.450.4)
Gain/Attenuation Settings
Provide Progress Tone: Dial tone, busy tone, call-holding tone and ring-back tone
LED indicators L1 to L6: LED indicator for PSTN port 1-6 status
POWER : Power ON indication
liNK / ACT : 10 Base-T status
STATUS : VI-5202/4/6 register to Gatekeeper status
READY : VI-5202/4/6 works status
Management Features Console port : RS-232C port
Certification CE, FCC Part 15, Tbr/21, FCC Part 68, ETL (the same as ul)
Power AC power input outlet
AC power switch
Chassis Dimensions : 221mm(W)*42mm(H)*217mm(L)
Weight(unit): 1.4 kg
  • Voice & Fax over IP via FXO interface
  • IP-PBX access to local PSTN call
  • Dialing PSTN call from carrier-based IP network
  • PSTN to PSTN call via IP network
  • Saving cost for international or long distance call
  • ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
  • Multi-nation Enterprise
  • SOHO
  • Office telephony services